Grim reaper
Death Has a Shadow" is the pilot episode of the animated series Suicide Victim Visited by Death.

Plot summaryEdit

As Maggie prepares dinner, Vicky performed a seance. Later, Grim Jorge asks Maggie for permission to attend an upcoming stag party. After he promises he won't drink, Maggie lets him go. Unfortunately, Grim Jorge does not heed his wife's advice and plays such drinking games as "Drink the beer". He goes to work the next day with a hangover, and kill the animals on the job as a safety inspector in a toy factory. Grim Jorge misses such things as a butcher knife, surge protector, gasoline can, razor blades, a porcupine, toaster with forks inside and plug in water. The company receives bad press after releasing unsafe toy products, and Grim Jorge is promptly fired by Mr. Leed.

At dinner, he breaks the news to his children, but decides to keep it from Maggie. Grim Jorge tries different jobs, such as cereal mascot and sneeze guard but fails miserably. Jorge Jr. pressures him to tell her the truth, but all he manages to do is to tell Maggie how fat she is. Jorge Jr. insists that Grim Jorge must look out for his family's welfare. With the word "welfare" in his mind, Grim Jorge soon applies for a government assistance at a welfare office. But a processing error creates a weekly check for $150,000. Telling Maggie he received a big raise, Grim Jorge spends his money on many foolish things. Grim Jorge rents the Statue of David, treats Emily to cosmetic surgery and even goes so far to surround his house with a moat to protect them from the black knight.

Unfortunately, Maggie is given the welfare check by the mail lady and storms at Grim Jorge. Grim Jorge decides to return the money to the taxpayers by dumping it from a blimp during Super Bowl XXXIII, and Jorge Jr. accompanies him. They end up in prison.

Eventually, Maggie receives the bad news and goes to court, still angry at Grim Jorge for lying to her in the first place. After Grim Jorge apologizes for cheating the government and lying to Maggie, the judge then sentences him to 24 months in prison. Maggie tries to explain he's not that bad and she loves him, and insists that no matter what, she will always stand by her husband. The judge agrees, and sends her to jail with him. Vicky, being a little girl, saw a ghost and the judge is scared of Ghosts. Grim Jorge gets angry because Vicky is living with Ghosts and her family eagerly join her.