Catrina from Day of the Dead celebration
I Never Met the Dead Woman" is the second episode of the first season of the animated comedy series Suicide Victim Visited by Death, originally aired on Nicktoons in the United States on May 12 2012. The episode follows Grim Jorge teaches his daughter Emily how to bury a dead body.


Annoyed that Grim Jorge spends more time killing a woman with his own family, Maggie suggests he teach Emily how to bury a dead body.Grim Jorge reluctantly agrees, and unwittingly gives Emily a series of bury tips. As Grim Jorge drives them home from the DMV he notices that a show he wanted to watch is on television in a nearby house. Distracted, he kills a woman and he take the woman to the funeral for the entire town of Quahog. Panicking, Grim Jorge convinces Emily to take the blame for the cable outage, bribing her with the promise of a new convertible whenever she gets her license. Once they arrive home with the transmitter still attached to the car, Maggie becomes furious with Grim Jorge for placing the blame on his own daughter. Emily, of course, is blamed, and becomes an grave digger at school. This shows an incredible lack of good judgment and morals by Grim Jorge.Meanwhile, Vicky decides to join a gypsy club, since Maggie had forced her to eat the vegetable earlier that day.Emily digs out Marie's corpse and brings her back to life.