Jarrah Romanvov
Vital statistics
Name Jarrah Romanvov
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Gender Male
Age 67
Hair Color Black-grey
Eye Color Dark brown
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Species Human
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Family Maggie Lopez(daughter)
Gypsy Romanov(wife)
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Jarrah Romanvov is Maggie's father and also a trillionaire industrialist, shipping mogul, and owner of several major companies. His company in the episode "Business Guy" is named Romanvov Industries, and he is also a member of what is probably the New York Yacht Club whose clubhouse is located in Newport, Rhode Island. Jarrah is a domineering, devious and somewhat manipulative man who hates Grim passionately and throws frequent and cruel barbs towards him, and is usually involved on various plots or scams to embarrass and/or cause Grim pain, even if it causes Maggie and the children to suffer as well. On rare occasions, though, he and Grim share a friendship and work together, normally with a common goal. He loves Maggie but sometimes does not listen to her and tries to boss her around. He is married to Gypsy Romanov, with whom he had three children – Maggie, Carrie, and Dudley.