Suicide Victim Visited by Death
Some attributes
First Genre

Adult animation Animated sitcom

Second Format

Black comedy Surreal humor Comedy Horror Macabre

Third Created by Jorge R. Gutierrez

Developed by Sandra Equinhua

Other attributes
Fourth Voices of

Carlos Alazraqui
Grey DeLisle
Jason Ritter
Tara Strong

Fifth Theme music composer Jorge R. Gutierrez
Suicide Victim Visited by Death is an American animated sitcom created by Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equinhua for Disney Channel. The series centers on the Lopezes, a ghoulish family consisting of parents Grim Jorge and Maggie; their children Emily, Jorge Jr, and Vicky.


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The show revolves around the adventures of the family of Grim Jorge Lopez, a Short Tempered Grim Reaper. Grim Jorge is an Mexican-American Catholic with a Hispanic Accent. He is married to Maggie, a stay-at-home mother and piano teacher who, as member of the Romanov family of wealthy socialites, has a distinct Russian accent.Grim Jorge and Maggie have three children: Emily, their teenage daughter, who is intrested in Death and Macabre and terrified her classmates; Jorge Jr., their teenage son, who is Cheerful, naive and a younger version of his father in many respects; and Vicky, their youngest daughter of Gyspies.